(José David Saldívar receives 2016 Hubbell Medal from Rosemary Feal)

Hubbell Medal for Lifetime Achievement

The Hubbell Medal, which has been awarded since 1964, is named for the founding editor of American Literature. Jay B. Hubbell, a long-time professor at Duke University, was one of the pioneers of American literary scholarship. Hubbell championed treating American authors as objects of serious attention at a time when academic students of literature focused almost entirely on English authors. The award named for him has been awarded to some of the most distinguished practitioners of the discipline he helped create.

The winner of the Hubbell Medal is selected each year by a committee of five eminent scholars, named by the chair of the American Literature Society, who serve staggered five-year terms on the committee. Award citations and acceptance speeches are available below for some of the more recent recipients.

Winners of the Hubbell Medal: